• Summer-Proof Your Skin, Body and Hair

    Summer-Proof Your Skin, Body and Hair

    What are you doing this summer? We bet our yoga pants that you’ll be outside, so protect your skin, body and hair while you’re at it

    With the sweet smell of summer in the air, we’re showing more skin and ditching all those heavy moisturisers. It’s time to embrace lightweight formulas and show off those freckles! That said, sunscreen takes first priority in our routine, especially in summer, so make sure to stock up on a fresh batch if yours is near expiration. With make-up, it’s important to keep in mind that even though it has some level of SPF, it won’t be able to effectively protect you on its own. You need to apply a layer of sunscreen that is thick enough to properly protect your skin, and with make-up, you’re definitely not applying as much. For this reason, consider the SPF in your powder or foundation as supplementary to your sunscreen. And because it can be tricky to reapply sunscreen when you already have a full face of make-up on, use a powder with SPF to touch up during the day to add a light veil of protection.

    There’s nothing that screams ‘summer’ more than salty hair. You might be thinking that saltwater can do no harm – after all, a dip in the ocean helps heal skin, curb inflammation and does a fair amount for your soul as well. But saltwater actually dries your hair out because it is osmotic, meaning it absorbs water from skin and hair. Sure, it’s fine to embrace it once in a while, but be sure to take care of your hair after a dip to ensure that the salt water doesn’t cause long-term damage. Hydrated locks are smoother, frizz-free and maintain their colour and shine for longer, so treat your summer tresses with these moisture-locking, reparative products.

    We take such good care of our face when it comes to protecting it from the sun, but tend to leave our limbs to fend for themselves. It’s difficult to completely shield our body from the sun, lest you permanently walk around with a beach umbrella, so make sure that you apply enough sunscreen to exposed areas every single day. Oils and heavier lotions are most suited for the beach because you want the best protection without having to worry about oil coming off on clothing. Plus, it gives that beautiful beachy sheen as well! Transparent, melt-into-skin formulas will also do, but work best for everyday wear as they won’t make you feel grimy, leave a cast or make your clothes stick to your skin.
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