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    What You Need To Know About Koa

    Koa provides an IEB education for children in grades 4-12 through an online learning environment that is both structured and individualised. Our small classes (Pods) are highly engaging and allow children to work at their own pace while having constant access to outstanding academic support from a team of experienced educators.

    Koa’s academic program offers integrated learning across the South African curriculum through an innovative online platform, the best curated resources from around the world, ongoing assessment that is age appropriate, high levels of teacher time and instant feedback through a learner dashboard that is designed for your child to enjoy.

    At Koa we’re on a mission to build the type of school which brings joy back into learning, creates space for out-of-the-box thinkers, rewards real growth and is rooted in meaningful social engagement.

    Children are powerful. Our job is to help them realise that.

    Far more than simply presenting a traditional school model on a screen, we have redesigned the entire learning system from the ground up, with one simple goal: to be an online school with a strong sense of community.

    It all starts with our Pods. This is the heart of what makes Koa Academy different. Each child is in a group of no more than 8. That’s right – 8. We’ve always wanted smaller classes, and now we have them! This means that the children really get to know each other. Everyone has an opportunity to be heard and to really hear others.

    Each Pod is led by a trained and passionate Koa teacher. Gone are the days of our teachers focusing purely on content delivery. Now the children have someone whose goal is to guide them through world class resources as they explore, learn and grow. This gives the children opportunities to discover what they love to do and pursue their passions.


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