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    Every year, Club Magazine subscribers stand a chance to receive R2 million worth of bursaries, courtesy of Club Magazine and the Educor group.

    How to apply To stand a chance of receiving a scholarship, either you or a close family member must be an active member of Club. Then simply fill in the form below. You can choose from a variety of programmes offered by the eight brands under Educor’s stable, including Damelin (part-time), Damelin Correspondence College, Intec College, CityVarsity, Central Technical College and ICESA Education (KwaZulu-Natal). Visit educor.co.za to see the programmes they have to offer.

    Terms and conditions: The following qualifying criteria exist for Club magazine subscribers (or their immediate family of subscribers) to receive bursaries: Club magazine gives away 12 bursaries every month valued at R15,000. The first 12 applications to be received each month that meet the below criteria are awarded the bursaries.

    1. Programme offerings differ from campus to campus. 2. Subject to terms and conditions of EDUCOR including entry requirements for the chosen programme. 3. Scholarships will only be awarded for part-time and correspondence programmes. 4. Foschini Group accounts must be up to date to qualify for a scholarship. 5. Redeemable at Damelin face-to-face colleges, Damelin correspondence, Intec College, Central Technical College, ICESA and City Varsity. 6. Scholarships include tuition only and excludes all other expenses, material, accommodation, and fees for rewriting failed exams. 7. If you are awarded a scholarship you must begin the programme within 6 months of the scholarship being awarded. 8. The prize can not be transferred or exchanged for its cash value. 9. Foschini club and EDUCOR reserve the right not to award the scholarship if no suitable candidates apply. 10. Member’s subscription must be up to date. 11. Subscribers must fill in the application form and send the completed form to Club’s Administration department. 12. Subscribers’ TFG account must not be in arrears. 13. Subscribe’s must not have received a bursary from TFG Club within the past 36 months. 14. Subscribers’ immediate family may also apply. 15. Subscribers and the following immediate family subscribers qualify for the Discount: husband, wife, mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sister, grandchild

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