• Seeing Double: Jodie and Justine Petersen

    Seeing Double: Jodie and Justine Petersen

    Award-winning fashion moguls Jodie and Justine Petersen talk fashion

    What does the word ‘fashion’ mean to you?
    Fashion to me is a form of confidence and empowerment.

    Describe your style
    Edgy and self-expressed: I use my choice of clothing to reflect my personality and mood for the day. I try to stay away from common trends and keep my style original and funky. It is also streetwear inspired and most of the time I am wearing sneakers.

    Who inspires your style?
    Sandra Shehab. Her style is chic-sleek and street.

    What summer trend are you loving right now?
    Reflective fashion wear is so fresh and trendy, and I love how futuristic it is. Puff sleeves are also a favourite.

    What fashion mistakes are people making?
    If it doesn’t make you feel good or confident, then don’t wear it!

    What is your go-to party look?
    Definitely something bold with a pair of dope sneakers. Who wants sore feet when dancing the night away?

    How is working in fashion different today than when you started out?
    The industry is definitely more inclusive and diverse. For example, not all models need to be skinny and tall.

    Whose closet would you love to raid?
    Fashion icon Rihanna.

    What does the word ‘fashion’ mean to you?
    It is a form of expression.

    Describe your style
    Sexy, tomboy-street style. I love sneakers and baggy clothes.

    Who inspires your style?
    Right now it’s Aleali May. She’s the definition of a leading woman in street-style culture and fashion. Her style is very similar to mine in that she pays homage to artists from the ’90s, such as Aaliyah who was known for her tomboy hip-hop style.

    What is your number one fashion rule?
    Don’t be afraid to take risks. Fashion isn’t black and white, it is the interpretation of a feeling, thought or an idea.

    Which items do you gravitate toward when shopping?
    Trousers, but to the point where I get annoyed because I forget to buy tops or jackets.

    What trend would you like to see disappear?
    Sneaker heels – I dread those.

    When you get dressed in the morning you think…
    How can I be different?

    What are your thoughts on the fashion industry?
    It has undoubtedly evolved for the better. It’s becoming way more inclusive. Fashion brands now cater more to fuller-figure men and women, which I feel this industry lacked in past years.

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