• How To Get The Job You Want

    How To Get The Job You Want

    Positivity breeds positivity, but can the law of attraction get you the job you want? Here’s how to make it work for your career and get the job you want.

    Since the release of the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, the law attraction and manifestation has been a fixture of pop psychology. The law works on the belief that your thoughts are a form of energy, and that positive energy attracts success in your life, setting you up for health, fulfilling relationships and a successful career.

    The law of attraction suggests that what you believe will happen, will happen. For example, if you send out a job application and you anticipate rejection, you’re likely to be rejected. But if you send out an application for your dream job and manifest that it will be yours, then it will be. When it comes to landing your dream job though, it isn’t all that simple. Yes, you need to hone a positive outlook and have the attitude of a winner, but you also need to put in the work. Here’s how to use the law of attraction in a practical way to reach your career goals.

    Know what you want

    Make a list of exactly what you would like in your dream job. Be as specific as possible. For example, the exact job title you want, the number of hours you’d want to work, and whether you’ll be remote or in-office. Remember to include the work environment, co-workers and the kind of boss you’d ideally want to work below.

    Remove limiting beliefs

    Before polishing your CV and sending out applications, check in with your confidence. Remind yourself that you already possess (or are capable of learning) all the abilities needed to do the job you want. Identify and write down any negative beliefs you have, such as that you aren’t likeable enough, or you’re bad at job interviews. Replace these beliefs with positive affirmations, such as ‘I am worthy’ and ‘I am capable’.

    Take action

    Positive thinking alone won’t get you your dream job. Create a plan with specific steps to reach your goal, and assign yourself  deadlines for each step. This could look like sending out a minimum of four applications a week, spending two hours researching jobs today, or setting aside an afternoon to write cover letters.

    Play the part

    You’ve nurtured a strong belief that you’ll get your dream job, now it’s time to prepare for when it comes your way. Research the hiring process, paying attention to things like how to prep for an interview and when to follow up. Research your dream company, too, and what they’re looking for in the role you’re applying for. Upskill with short courses, tailor your CV to the job, and do mock interviews with a friend.

    Keep heart

    Even if you don’t see immediate results, be patient and remain dedicated to your plan. Half-hearted hopes won’t help you to reach your goals, but consistency, hard work and a positive outlook will keep you on track. 

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