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    Are Fitness Watches Worth The Hype?

    Have you ever wondered whether those fancy, and often pricey, fitness watches and gadgets are worth the hype? We breakdown what this tech can do for you.

    Nowadays, it’s obvious that we’re living in what can only be described as the technological era. There have been major advancements in the kind of technology we use, and how we use them. This is especially true for the health and fitness industry, which has seen some incredible feats in new products that promise to improve your fitness regime and keep you motivated, all while making life easier and better. But is there any truth to these claims?

    The Gadgets

    First things first, the most notable products on the market include smartwatches and fitness trackers. With their stylish and sleek design, they fit your wrist comfortably and claim to hold the key to achieving all your health and fitness goals. They do this by counting steps and tracking heart rates, playing music while allowing you to answer calls and messages too.

    There have also been major upgrades to audio technology and the way we listen to music. We have now entered the wireless age, where you no longer need to have your phone in hand with your earphones plugged in while you workout. Rather, you simply need to have it near you to connect with your earphone pods or wireless headset.

    On the other end of the spectrum, you have slightly more lifestyle-focused tech to accompany your fitness endeavours. GPS- and cycle trackers, advanced cameras and other miscellaneous equipment are hot on the market for those looking to improve their fitness. You can also find waterproof gadgets to use underwater on your swimming adventures.

    The Benefits


    You can input your personal information on your device (or the app on your phone) to set specific goals and track your progress. This allows you to curate the lifestyle you desire, and even receive personalised tips on how to improve yourself each day.


    Didn’t reach your goal? Your device will keep you motivated and updated on your progress. Studies have shown that even simply wearing a fitness device can urge you to push harder during a workout.


    With smartwatches in particular, green sensors are used to track the flow of blood in your wrist and therefore track your heart rate. While motion sensors pick up your steps, even if you aren’t moving your arms. GPS trackers and other features have also garnered support for their accuracy, making it that much easier to keep track of your progress.

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