• Decor Essentials For Your Little Ones

    Decor Essentials For Your Little Ones

    Decorating the little one’s bedroom can be tricky, especially when the space is limited. Our decor editor provides tips for keeping things fun yet functional.

    Keep it Simple, Sweetie   

    Even though we know this is generally easier said than done, keeping your kid’s bedroom as simple as possible is a great step to being able to fit all its functions into one space. While it’s great to have 10 plush animals on the bed, there comes a point when it starts to appear cluttered and full, making the room seem smaller than it is, which is never a good thing. Try to keep the room simple with just the necessities and a few extras around. Also try practising the ‘in and out’ way of thinking. So, if a new toy is purchased, it means one or two of the older toys have to be donated to minimise hoarding.


    Character Crazy

    Kids generally go through so many different phases in their life as they grow, and being obsessed with characters is probably one of them. As much as we love to indulge in our kids’ fantasies of creating a whole room dedicated to soccer or princesses, try to be a bit more subtle about the inclusion of the theme. It will date the room very quickly, needing you to redo the bedroom more often than you think. Opt for plain walls instead of murals and keep characters to small pops of inspiration rather than them taking over the entire room.


    Layout is Everything    

    When initially planning your kid’s bedroom, try to draw the layout on a page, and rearrange the furniture until you reach a suitable layout plan. This may take some back and forth with what should go where, but will definitely help to try and maximise the space as much as possible. Be sure to use the wall space as well and play with height. This gives you more room than your floor square metres and really lets you experiment and become a bit more creative with finding a great layout.


    Neutral but Colourful   

    Colour is a great stimulant for kids, but when it comes to the bedroom, having too much colour can overstimulate their brain, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s good to create a cohesive space in which there is some colour, but not crazy amounts. Keep the overall palette neutral and add splashes of colour here and there to still keep the bedroom young and kid-appropriate. Use colour in the form of their toys, artworks for the wall and even bedding.


    Smart Storage

    Make storage easy-peasy for kids to tidy up on their own. Wicker baskets, acrylic containers and open shelving help keep things neat and easy to do themselves, ensuring everything has a place when it comes to packing up toys and activities for the day. Depending on the size you have available, use storage solutions that fit well within the room, such as smaller baskets for a smaller space, or shelves a bit higher up to clear things from the floor. The easier it is for the kids to do, the less there is for you!


    Text: Yashna Balwanth; Photography: Blake Woolwine on Unsplash, Courtesy Images

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