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    Hacks to maximise the space in your home

    Is your home feeling a bit too cramped and cluttered? Fake your way to more space and store things like an expert with these tips and tricks. 



    It probably goes without saying, but when putting things away for the change of season, store items so that they are not in the way of things you will be using day-to-day. Instead of folding clothes away as you usually would, try rolling them – rolling will make the most of a small space and the fabric will remain crease-free, too. After storing, opt for lavender sachets or cinnamon sticks instead of moth-balls to keep critters at bay and your fabric items fresh and intact. 



    When shopping for furniture and decor pieces, try to invest in items that can double up as storage, and use existing surfaces as storage space. Kists and chests are not only handy for keeping things such as clothing, linen and seasonal items stored away, but they can also serve as great coffee tables or television stands. This not only saves space, but you won’t have to spend a cent to do it! 



    Is your cupboard just a tad too full and you can’t manage to get the door closed? Try removing the door and replacing it with a curtain instead. This will allow for some extra room, which helps not only with the storage of what’s inside, but allows for some give if you’re having trouble squeezing a large piece of furniture into the room too. A curtain can even provide a nice decorative touch if you opt for an interesting piece of fabric. 



    A great way to create more storage space is to add more shelving to certain areas, which is a tidy solution that prevents clutter building up at ground level. The more things that are neatly stacked against a wall, as opposed to crowding all your surfaces, the better. Shelves can be installed easily and look right at home in any room in the house. 



    Rather than packing things such as tools, cutlery and craft items into drawers that could be used to house other objects, another functional yet decorative way to store them is by using a peg- or corkboard. Save even more space in your cupboards by creating a hanging pot rack and store your pots and pans overhead for a rustic farmhouse look. 



    Do you have a mattress on a bed frame that has space underneath it? Use it! This space is ideal for storage, whether it’s for neatly stacked boxes of shoes, seasonal clothing, Christmas decorations, or linen, placing things under your bed can free up plenty of space in other cupboards around your home. Hide whatever you are storing there by layering a bed frill under the mattress. Voila! 

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