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    Get Snoop’s G-Star Raw ‘Say It Witcha Booty’ Style

    Hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg shows off his distinctive style in the tongue-in-cheek campaign for Dutch denim brand G-Star RAW. Celebrating the new worldwide ‘Hardcore Denim’ campaign, the ‘Say It Witcha Booty’ video features the legend in a series of authentic looks from the G-Star RAW collection.


    Snoop’s Upside Ya Head

    True style starts at the top, and Snoop’s bucket hat is no exception. A twist on the ‘90s style staple, it’s crafted from checked wool in a classic G-Star colourway and features a bold felt logo, inspired by early baseball caps. For a more versatile headwear option, which can be tied around the neck or thrown over the shoulders, the arrow bandana makes a striking statement, emblazoned with artwork recalling vintage package handling symbols.


    G-Star Raw


    Masterclass layering

    As an innovator who consistently reinvents himself, Snoop knows a thing or two about making his own rules – like the ‘forbidden combination’ of a short-sleeved Japanese denim shirt worn on top of a relaxed long-sleeved sweater. Snoop pairs his premium denim shirt with the Pilot 3D Slim jeans, an innovative design based on vintage army air force pants. Multilayering it is.


    G-Star Raw


    Denim on denim   

    Denim has always had a prominent role in hip hop culture. Inspired by the head-to-toe denim-on-denim look, which became immensely popular in the ‘90s, we see Snoop rocking a denim utility jacket based on a ‘30’s ‘battle dress’ jacket, paired with denim cargo pants in relaxed tapered fit. G-Funk style.



    Photography: Courtesy Images 

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