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    Men’s Fashion with Style Guru Chad Haupt!

    Born and raised in Cape Town, Chad Haupt is a style consultant and social media content creator with a key focus on men’s style, grooming, fitness, and basic gentleman principles. After quitting his job in corporate he pursued his passion and started his journey to provide inspiration and assistance to every man who loves fashion as much as he does. We take this chance to delve into Chad’s top style tips and more!


    Hi Chad, you work hard to help people, specifically men, to create as you say, an interchangeable and timeless wardrobe. What does this entail and why do you think it’s important to have such a wardrobe?

    A timeless-interchangeable wardrobe can be split into two parts. Let’s break it down. A timeless/classic wardrobe is simply garments which one can wear today and also in 20 years. An interchangeable wardrobe is versatile which allows us to mix and match almost everything in our cupboards. I think this is important as it helps save time, money and of course, when we look back, we would almost always look well-dressed.


    What are the fundamentals of creating such a wardrobe? 

    The key would be colour and most importantly the fit of the garment.


    Chad Haupt


    What are the essential clothes, shoes, accessories and more that you believe every man needs to have in their closet? 

    I love this question! Let’s start from the top:

    Sunglasses that suits the shape of your face in either black or brown.

    A navy slim-fit suit.

    Two dress shirts in white and light Blue.

    One striped shirt in a colour of your choice.

    Three short-sleeve golfers in white, wavy and olive.

    One sports coat/odd jacket.

    One denim jacket in mid-blue.

    A bomber jacket in navy, olive or tan.

    Three pairs of jeans in a dark wash, light blue and black (slim-fit, non-ripped)

    Slim-fit chinos in beige & navy.

    Chino shorts which end above the knee in olive, beige and navy.

    I would say white jeans as it is summer, but this is optional.

    One pair of Oxford dress shoes in black, tan/chocolate brown tassel loafers and a minimal white leather sneaker.

    Last but not least, wear your clothes with confidence and please don’t forget your manners and smile.


    Do you have a particular method or formula for putting together an outfit? For example, how would you go about coordinating a spring-inspired semi-formal outfit? 

    Yes, I do! I haven’t quite named it anything as yet, but the 4 W’s are how I build an outfit. For example: What’s the occasion? Where is the event? What time is the event/appointment? What’s the weather like? Some words I live by are: Slightly overdressed is much better than being underdressed!


    Chad Haupt


    Speaking of, Happy Spring! Do you know of any spring and summer trends that men should be implementing this summer? 

    I am not one for trends per se. However, stripes, nautical and bolder colours are definitely something we would be seeing a lot of.


    Are there any colours or specific materials that should be paid attention to?

    I would certainly go with linen, seersucker lighter knits and viscose for Spring/Summer. Pastel colours in Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Nude/Beige and light Orange would always work.


    Grooming is also a very important part of styling, what are your top 3 tips or hacks for grooming? 

    Have a strict weekly grooming routine focusing on your hair, beard, skin and nails. Use sulphate free shampoo for healthier hair. Try using products with more natural ingredients.


    What do you think the best accessories and jewellery are that can be paired with any look this season? What are your thoughts on nail polish and men’s makeup?

    I believe ‘Less is More’. I never leave home without a wristwatch and sunglasses. I see nail polish as part of a global trend, and it shall pass. I’ve worn makeup on set and could appreciate the effects thereof.


    Chad Haupt


    What style of advice would you give to your younger self? 

    Try to avoid following the trends. Start with the basics and do that well. Also, just because a rapper wears it, it does not mean you should, LOL!


    Who were the style icons/inspirations that helped shape who you are now? 

    James Bond, Harvey Spectre, and my grandfather may he rest in peace.


    Last but not least! Chad, what are your stylish plans for the spring and upcoming summer? What can we expect to see from you?

    I do not have any international travelling plans confirmed. So, for now, the plan is to enjoy the beautiful beaches, explore the city and the abundance of Winelands the Western Cape has to offer. 

    All of this whilst ensuring I am dressed for the occasion!


    Words: Thuveshnie Govender | Photography: Courtesy Images


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