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    The Best Way To Store Wine

    There’s more to storing a bottle of wine than you may realise. Follow these tips and thank us later!


    Like with any perishable product, the temperature at which you keep your wine is important. An ideal, general temperature for wine storage is approximately 13°C. Going above 20°C could cause the wine’s ageing process to rapidly accelerate, while -4°C and below could see you with a wine slushie, which is great for those hot summer days, but not so much if you’re trying to impress at a dinner party. Whatever you do, always ensure that your wine is kept at a stable temperature, as fluctuations can cause the cork to expand and contract resulting in wine either spilling out of the bottle or air getting into it.


    Not only is storing wines horizontally a great space saver, but it also helps keep the cork moist, which is ideal if your wine game involves long-term storage.


    The flavour of your wine is easily affected by UV rays, so keeping it out of direct sunlight, preferably in as dark a space as possible, is best. The location of said space is also very important. Be sure that it’s not next to anything that gives off excessive vibrations as this will disturb the sediment in the bottle. So, take your wine rack off from the top of your fridge, move it as far away from your washing machine or tumble dryer as possible and whatever you do, don’t let it live next to your radio either – especially when you feel like dropping the base in a big way.


    Humidity levels is another factor that can have a massive impact on the longevity of your wine. If you have a wine cellar, the humidity levels need to be between 60 and 68 percent, any lower and you stand the risk of the corks drying out, any higher and the labels may start peeling off. Not only would this be unsightly, but it also makes it harder for you to keep track of your wines.


    A fridge is a fridge right? Wrong. At least when it comes to wine. Investing in a wine fridge will do you the world of good if you plan on buying and storing wine but don’t have a wine cellar. These fridges will allow you to set the ideal temperature for your wine and not your food. They are also darker on the inside than a normal fridge, which has a light that usually gives your night-time snacking away.


    You don’t have to forgo a glass of wine when you’re alone for fear of spoiling the wine that you have not consumed. Wine can be kept for up to five days after opening if stored correctly. The trick is to re-cork the bottle as tightly and quickly as possible. Broken your cork? No stress. Rubber wine stoppers are readily available at many stores and work just as well.

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