• Celebrities taking a stand for the extraterrestrial!

    Celebs taking a stand for the extraterrestrial!

    Do you believe in life beyond Earth? Yes, we’re talking aliens. The spooky, oddly-shaped, extraterrestrial beings that usually live in science-fiction. We’ve heard of the highly classified United States Air Force facility Area 51, mysterious appearances of crop circles, and the odd UFO sighting. But how much of it do you actually believe, and why shouldn’t you believe it?


    We, humans, exist after all. But it may be easier believing that humans are the only intelligent life form living in the multiverse. In fact, Earth seems like the most ‘alien’ planet in our solar system – it maintains life, has active tectonic plate movement and has liquid on it’s surface. And with the universe spanning over 90 billion light-years, who’s to say there aren’t more planets hosting various forms of life? They may not exactly have green skin, bulbous hairless heads, and humongous eyes – you know the classic movie depicts. And could maybe they look just like us.


    Much is still unknown to mankind, so for now we are left speculating, or atleast theorising. Even our favourite celebs have shared some experience(s) with extraterrestrials. Miley Cyrus believes that she had been chased down by a UFO, and made eye contact with the alien operating it. Keanu Reeves, like Tom Cruise, considers the vastness of the cosmos noting that it’s too large not to have any other life. But let’s not forget Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik who are vocal believers, Nick Jonas who once allegedly saw three UFOs, and Katy Perry whose hit song ‘E.T’ says it all.


    However, no celebrity has caught our eye on this topic more than Demi Lovato who says that they not only ‘know’ aliens exist but firmly believes that we should stop calling them ‘aliens’ altogether. There’s been countless occasions where the star has expressed their belief in the extraterrestrial beings and has confessed to a love of conspiracy theories and more. However, in a recent interview with Australia’s PEDESTRIAN tv. Demi goes into detail about how they believe the term ‘alien’ to be quite derogatory, meaning that they believe that the word alien is well, alienating. Now calling them ‘E.Ts’, or ‘extraterrestrials’, Demi continues that extraterrestrials may not even want to take over our planet or cause any harm to us, encouraging a different approach of belief of our friends from the other side of the universe.



    Words: Thuveshnie Govender | Images: @gigihadid & @ddlovato via Instagram

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