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    Packing Hacks For Your Next Adventure

    Whether you’re going home for a couple of days or taking a much-needed holiday, there is travel in the near future and, therefore, the ever-daunting task of packing (major sigh!).

    Because every last inch of your suitcase real estate matters, and you wouldn’t want to ruin any of your personal items, clothing, accessories, or break a bottle of your favourite perfume, safeguarding your bags should be first on your to-do list.

    To make things a tad bit easier for you, we’ve listed pin-worthy packing hacks guaranteed to work. 

    Roll your clothing instead of folding them

    It is way faster and will maximise your space. This is a great trick for more delicate or wrinkle-prone fabrics.

    Cover your footwear with bags

    Who wants dirty shoes touching their clothing or having that smell transfer on to their items, right? This will prevent that and save space. Bonus tip: where possible, add more than one pair of shoes in a bag and store items in your shoes – they have the space, so why not make use of them, right?

    Pair at least 2 tops for every bottom

    The chances of you wearing a pair of bottoms again are higher than you wearing a top again, are we right? To avoid overpacking, decide on which two tops you’d like to wear with which bottoms.

    Pack the heaviest items closest to the wheels

    If you’re a rolling-luggage traveller, considering how your items will respond to motion is very important. In this case, pack your heavier items towards the wheels to evenly distribute the weight.

    Use mini containers and place in a clear bag.

    Finding your favourite body lotion, shampoos or medication in travel-size containers is no easy feet. Instead, pour some out into small containers that you could easily find at a container warehouse. By placing your products in a clear bag, you will be able to see everything in one place and find certain products easily if you’re thinking of freshening up at your next stop.

    Store your loose wires in a spare sunglasses case

    To avoid having to sort through tangled-up wires, roll up your cables/charges tightly and store them in a sunglasses case. You will have easy access to each wire.

    Store breakables in your socks

    Socks are great for protecting your perfumes or delicate gifts you bought for your loved ones back home. 

    Thread your necklaces through straws

    Knotted necklaces is a nightmare for many of us, if not all of us! To keep them from getting knotted up together, a straw will definitely come in handy. They’re light-weight and easy to store in your bag. 

    Store your belt in the collar of your shirt

    If you’re planning a work trip that requires you to look professional, keeping your belts in the collar of your shirts is a great way to ensure your collars remain stiff and in good condition. It also saves space.

    Pack tiny jewelry in contact lens case or pill organisers

    This is such a great tip to keep your special, fragile accessories within reach.

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