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    7 grooming faux pas

    Greasy hair? Check. Farting?Check. Burping? Check. These three things are an instant turn-off for a woman and are a no-no from the get-go – but you knew that already, right? Here are seven more grooming faux pas that instantly put women off.



    It’s one part of your body you think we don’t pay attention too. But trust us, it’s the first thing a woman looks at on the first date. Long, dirty and untidy nails are an instant turn-off. And don’t think we only look at your hands. If those feet have long, ragged toenails that extend over your open shoes – it’s a goodbye, nice to have met you.


    #2 BAD BO

    Wash up and invest in a good deodorant. There is no excuse for walking around with bad body odour. Even if you really suffer with sweaty armpits, there are plenty of ways to treat them.



    Now that you know most women don’t like sweaty-smelling guys, there is also a limit as to how much aftershave or cologne you should wear. Don’t try impress her with bathing yourself in your favourite scent, as it may possibly be her least fave smell. A spritz of subtle aftershave here and there will show her you do take care of your personal hygiene.



    You may be trying to grow that beard, but it doesn’t mean you can let it run wild. Keep styling and trimming it until it forms a good shape. There are few things worse than staring at a man with random hairs jutting out all over the place. Beard grooming oils can assist you on your journey.


    #5 UNIBROW

    While we’re on the topic of hair, let’s chat unibrows. All it takes is some personal care and time to remove those few hairs that join your brows together above the bridge of your nose. Don’t ever try shaving those hairs, but rather invest in a good pair of tweezers or have the area waxed every few weeks.



    This is basic stuff, but to some guys it doesn’t seem important to invest in clothes that fit properly and aren’t from the year 2000. Your prized comfy T-shirt that has stains all over it? We will notice it. And it goes without saying that a clean change of underwear when you stay over is crucial.



    Nothing is more nauseating than a man with bad breath and dirty teeth. Regular brushing and flossing will remove plaque build-up and make your breath smell a whole lot better. Trust us, no woman wants to go near someone whose oral hygiene isn’t up to scratch!


    Words: Zoe Gruss | Images: Unsplash

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