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    Manscaping 101

    Not all grooming methods are created equally, and when it comes to manscaping there is some tricky terrain to consider. But fear not, our guide will have you looking smooth (in the safest way possible) in no time.


    Front and Back

    When it comes to removing chest and back hair, avoid shaving, unless you want to be human sandpaper to your partner. Instead, try using a depilatory cream (a hair removal cream that dissolves the hair) that can help prevent ingrown hairs and prevent that blunt sharp edge from growing back. The best option here is to embrace the hair, just neaten it up using a body trimmer, this prevents breakouts, rashes, itching and ingrown hairs. 


    Pit Stop 

    A good way to trim your armpit hair is by using a body trimmer. Trim any hair that sticks out to neaten the area. Avoid shaving with a razor as this can leave you with razor burn, which doesn’t mix well with antiperspirant. 


    Neck and Neck 

    This is the one body part where it’s okay to use a razor, remember to always shave as you would your face: Take a shower prior to shaving to allow the steam to soften the hairs and always use a good shaving product for lubrication. For sensitive, breakout prone skin, shave in the direction that your hair grows and remember to use a cooling aftershave balm to soothe the area.


    Below the Belt

    Do not shave, we repeat, do not shave these areas. Not only are you asking for a trip to the emergency room, but if you are lucky enough to get away unscathed, you will pay for it when the hair regrows and it feels as though you have a piece of sandpaper lodged between your cheeks. Once again, use a body trimmer with a guard on and very carefully, working from tuft to tuft, trim and neaten the area. 


    Words: Jade Leggat-Smith | Photography: Gallo/GettyImages

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