• The Power Of The NIVEA Luminous630 Range

    The Power Of The NIVEA Luminous630 Range

    NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Luminous630 Anti Dark Mark effectively targets dark marks and spots. The three major causes of the marks are: sun exposure, inflammation and hormonal changes such as during pregnancy or menopause. All three can trigger a melanin imbalance, leading to the same result: the formation of dark marks or dark marks on the face.


    When exposed to the sun, the skin naturally produces melanin, which can sometimes spread unevenly and appear as hyperpigmentation, also known as “sun spots.”

    Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) occurs as a result of the healing process post a pimple or breakout. The healing of the skin triggers increased melanin production resulting in dark marks. Generally, the more severe the breakout, the more severe the darks marks (and vice versa).

    Hormonal changes such as during pregnancy or menopause can trigger an overproduction of melanin and result in dark marks.


    The patented breakthrough ingredient LUMINOUS630, has a dual-action: 

    – ACTS ON EXISTING PIGMENTATION to visibly reduce dark marks.

    – WORKS IN CONJUNCTION with skin’s natural melanin to help reduce the appearance of dark marks and spots.



    Why not try our 3 step routine to luminous skin and see the results for yourself:


    Step 1: Following your cleansing routine, apply NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Luminous630® Anti Dark Mark Serum. The lightweight serum visibly reduces dark marks and spots, and reduces their appearance to reveal natural luminosity of the skin. Proven results after 4 weeks.


    Step 2:  Follow with our new ultimate dark circle treatment, new NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Luminous630® Eye Cream to visibly reduce dark eye circles for a more even skin tone.


    Step 3:

    Morning:  Apply NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Luminous630® Day Cream SPF50 Triple Protection, enriched with Hyaluron, Vitamin E and UVA/UVB filters to help protect from sun and photoaging for a more even, mattified and luminous skin.

    Night:  Apply NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Luminous630® Advanced Night Cream with Hyaluronic acid. Every night the formula works to help strengthen and rejuvenate skin. Over time Luminous630® works to visibly reduce dark marks while sleeping.

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