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    Upgrade your lunch break by getting active

    Beat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle by getting active during office hours.

    Studies have shown that most people don’t take a lunch hour, and instead eat at their desks or skip it entirely. And even if are working from home, you may find that you spend even more time at your desk than before, missing out on meals or barely setting foot out of your chair. But time away from the office and work is so important for your mental well-being and can actually boost your overall productivity. It may even be worth your while to schedule your daily workout session during your lunch break to get a quick burst of energy during the day. If not, then step out for fresh air and sunshine at least once every day, and opt to have your lunch outdoors instead of hunched over your keyboard. Make an effort to get up and eat in a different spot, whether it’s the canteen, the kitchen or the garden, and follow it up with a brisk walk around the block; it will do wonders for your digestion and make a dent in that recommended 10 000 daily step count.


    Boost your daily movement with these tips too:

    Walk the talk
    When you need to speak to someone else in the office, rather than sending an email or giving them a call, walk over to them. You’ll get the answers you need straight away, but you’ll also get a chance to stretch your legs.

    Step it up
    Take the stairs! Choose one day per week when you only use the stairs at the office. Need company? Recruit your colleagues to join you. Alternatively, if you’re at home, do a couple of walking rounds in the garden, or get up to stretch every now and then.

    Set reminders
    If you don’t have a fitness tracker to remind you, set a recurring alarm on your phone to let you know when it’s time to get up and move. When it goes off, stand up, stretch and focus on something far in the distance to give your eyes a break from staring at your screen.

    On the hour
    Every hour or so, get up and do an exercise, whether it’s jumping jacks, squats or planking. These little bursts of movement will do so much more for your body than you realise, and it will help to relieve that stiff feeling from being at your desk.

    Words: Roxy Greeff | Image: Unsplash

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