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    Strive For Self-Care With Dhanusha Dhoorgalu

    Dhanusha Dhoorgalu helps millennial women make time for self-care in their busy schedules so that they can show up as their best self – the perfect push in the right direction for the new year

    The beautiful Dhanusha has been gracing our digital screens with her bubbly personality. She knows all too well about the negative effects that it can have on one’s health and well-being to not take self-care into account. The hustle and bustle of life keeps us busy, after all. Who has time to take a time-out? That’s exactly where Dhanusha would like to make a shift in our mindsets.

    In 2017, she started a beauty and lifestyle blog that she used as her creative outlet during a time of her life where she, too, didn’t prioritise herself. ‘I was studying a degree I did not enjoy and it helped me escape from it,’ she says. In 2019 she started her YouTube channel and later that year, she slowly niched into self-care. ‘I learned that many women had no idea what self-care was and why it is important.’ In 2020, she went on to start a podcast with Megan Richards called Conversations with Women of Colour. ‘This was our response to the BLM protests and our way to build our community,’ Dhanusha explains.


    We chat to the inspiring digital entrepreneur, content creator and self-care coach to learn about her own journey with self-care, and her passion to light a fire in other women to prioritise themselves.

    Tell us about the journey that led you to realise the importance of self-care in your own life

    Many of us are raised to be givers and to serve others, especially as women. However, we’re not taught that our own needs are important too. We are taught that we are not beautiful as we are. Both self-care and self-love are very much needed. In 2015, I had a nervous breakdown due to stress and in 2020 I suffered intense burnout. I had to incorporate self-care to take care of my health and now I enjoy it so much that I want to help others do the same.

    How did you start to cultivate happiness and self-care in your own life?

    At first I did struggle, but I was fortunate to have been taught spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga from a young age. I had to practise, but over time it became natural to me.

    What does self-care mean to you?

    It looks like being well in all aspects of
    my life: physically, mentally, emotionally, financially… Basically looking at the eight dimensions of wellness and being in a good space for each one.

    How do you like to practise self-care?

    I get asked this so often and I must say, it depends on my energy levels and my mood. I love taking walks in nature, meditation and yoga. But I also love going wine tasting and spending time with friends.

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    How often would you suggest women prioritise self-care in their busy schedules?

    Start by incorporating one small habit at a time. My favourite habit for a busy woman is deep breathing – the 4-7-8 technique. It can be done while you work. Most importantly, you need to get the basics right first: good sleep, nutrition and movement.

    What are the dangers of not giving enough attention to self-care?

    Burnout will most likely occur, as well as compassion fatigue and overall irritability and frustration. You could also lose motivation.

    What are your tips on how to start showing up for ourselves this year?

    Ask yourself what do you want out of life and what it is that makes you happy? Schedule it into your life and prioritise it. Also, work on your self-love – it is key to self-care.

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