• Sweet Dreams On A World Class Bed

    Sweet Dreams On A World Class Bed

    Your best sleep on a world class bed is now only a few clicks away!

    Dream Republic®  

    The Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA) confirms what we already knew: that we at Dream Republic® stock the highest industry-leading quality beds in South Africa. We are delighted to announce the endorsement of our leading brands by CASA, beckoning our confidence that our beds give you physical support and ultimate comfort. Our bestselling, world-class beds, Lylax and Serta, offer exactly what chiropractors recommend – support and pressure relief.

    What does it mean to be endorsed by CASA?

    A team of licensed chiropractors have confirmed our beds to be of the highest quality, offering health benefits, and guaranteed comfort. Your decision to purchase a bed from Dream Republic® has never been easier.

    An endorsement by CASA is given only to products of excellence making our beds the best in the market. Experts have done the work for you, saving you time on researching an overloaded market of beds with mediocre to no support and comfort. We do not mess around with your sleep, literally!

    Why did CASA endorse our beds?

    At Dream Republic® we share the responsibility of health care and offer products that help alleviate the five common sleep problems:

    • Tossing and turning
    • Lack of support
    • Sleeping too hot or too cold
    • Partner disturbance
    • Mattress roll-off and sagging.

    Our top-notch industry leader, Serta® includes advanced comfort quilts and the patented MiraCoil Spring System. Serta® does not disappoint, with a wide range of beds to provide superior conforming support ideal for spinal alignment and the prevention of back pain. Our very own proud African brand founded in SA, Lylax®, offers the exclusive ErgoCoil Spring System and Contra-rotating Pocket Spring Technology at affordable prices.

    The CASA endorsement inspires us to take care of you while you sleep by bringing products that puts your health first with a price that suits you. For more information, visit www.dreamrepublic.co.za.

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